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Dozens turn out at Brockton anti-foreclosure vigil

March 14, 2012  |  The Brockton Enterprise  |  Link to article

By Erik Potter

Enterprise Staff Writer

Posted Mar 14, 2012 @ 06:00 AM


About 35 people held vigil Monday night outside a Brockton home that community organizers say is being pushed unnecessarily into foreclosure.

 Luckner Vernet lives at 267 Howard St. on Brockton’s northwest side. He is under water on his home and behind on his payments to his lender, OneWest Bank, based in California.

Boston Community Capital, a nonprofit agency that helps people stay in their homes, is willing to purchase the home at a reduced price (called a short sale) from OneWest and resell it to Vernet at a price he can afford.

But the bank, organizers say, is not willing to pay ball.

“We’re hearing that they’re willing to negotiate after (the family) is evicted. They don’t want to consider the short-sale offer unless the buyer (promises) not to sell to the former owner,” said Steve Meachem, an organizer with City Life, a Boston organization that is affiliated with the new Brockton Bank Tenant Association, which held the rally, along with Brockton Interfaith Community.

A spokesman for OneWest Bank said that the inability to reach a deal so far is simply because the bank can’t accept less than the current market value for the house.

“OneWest Bank, as the servicer – and not the investor – of the loan, is required to follow these requirements,” he said.