Issues & Campaigns

Prevention not Prosecution

BIC leaders have begun research on drug court programs in Massachusetts and plan to begin advocacy work for a program here in Brockton. A drug court will allow low level drug offenders to receive the treatment they need instead of an immediate path to prison. Drug courts alter the pathway to prison and offer a road to recovery. A successful Substance Abuse Education forum emphasizing Prevention vs. Prosecution was held in September 2013 to educate the community about this issue.

This committee is currently conducting a survey about substance abuse in Brockton. To take the survey, click here.

Just this week, the BIC board voted to join the statewide Jobs not Jails coalition and support them in their mission to stop the construction of an additional 10,000 prison beds in MA by 2020. The board also committed to attend and turn others out to attend the April 26 Jobs not Jail Rally on Boston Common. 


Over 75 community members attended our September forum. After the forum, attendees had the opportunity to speak with dozens of representatives from organizations and groups working to address substance abuse issues in our city.