About BIC

Our Board

Executive Board:

Co-President: Teresa Aiello

My name is Teresa Aiello and I have been a member of St. Patrick’s church since 1996. I have been a part of BIC for twelve years and am currently co-president. As a Latina immigrant, it is great to be on the board because my voice represents the injustice, discrimination, and needs that my brothers and sisters are going through.  BIC has created a huge impact in the community because when we work together with our neighbors and leaders from the cities and state legislators, we are able to change the world. Together we can achieve whatever goal we set for ourselves.

I am excited about BIC because we are not just leaders, but we are also believers that prayer and work together for the development of Brockton and its residents. My work with BIC that makes me proud is the ability to work in unity and to share our differences with each other. Changes have to come from ourselves when we recognize our issues.

Co- President: Janice Schuster

I'm Janice Schuster, co-president of the BIC board. I've been involved with BIC for many years, actively for 6. I am the lay leader at Pearl Street United Methodist Church. I am also the mother of three teenage sons, giving me a passion for youth issues and anything that relates to giving our youth positive opportunities and ways to contribute to the city.

I am especially committed to our Lifelines to Healing campaign for a deeply personal reason. My family was formed through adoption, and my two oldest sons are both bi-racial. One of them was in serious trouble with the law last year, and the only reason that he is not in jail now is that my husband and I had the resources to hire a good attorney to represent him in court. He is currently on probation and is planning to go to college in the fall, thanks be only to God. However, there is no doubt in my mind that he would be incarcerated now, with no hope of college or even of graduating from high school, if we had not had the resources to hire the attorney for him. I am committed to BIC and its work with Lifelines to Healing because I want to give others the same opportunities that my son had.

Secretary: Ann-Marie Illsley

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Treasurer/Co-chair of the Fundraising Committee: Bryon Jackson

My name is Bryon Jackson. I have been a member of Messiah Baptist Church in the city of Brockton for over 40 years and a member of BIC for seven. For me organizing has been a way to generate accountability and power. This power has given me the opportunity to be part of positive changes both inside and outside my community. I’ve been able to work on issues that affect my life and the lives of the community now and in the future. Organizing has also given me the opportunity to work with other community leaders, congregations, local city officials, and the Mayor on community and statewide issues like community policing, foreclosure, CORI reform, youth violence, ESOL, and diversity in our school system. Organizing has helped me develop new and lasting relationships with people from all walks of life. Most of these, and any future relationships would never happen if I were not a part of something so important, life changing and rewarding.

Co-Chair of the Fundraising Committee: Tom McDonnell

Tom is a member of the Roman Catholic parish of St. Patrick Church, which was the mother church to the many other Catholic parishes in Brockton and in 1998 played a vital role in the initial development and creation of Brockton Interfaith Community (BIC). Tom is a life-long resident of Brockton, having lived here for the last 48 years and has seen many changes to the city during that time. Tom has been serving the BIC community since the start; beginning with the all-important legwork and making his way to the positions of Communications Director and Secretary of the Executive Board. Tom chooses to offer his leadership in the grassroots organizing that BIC performs because he has seen first-hand that BIC works for change… real change.  Through staff training and board guidance, BIC has the ability to identify and develop leaders in our congregations, listen to their concerns for their church and community and to empower them to work for social justice. BIC’s actions and efforts are undertaken to change policies in our city and state to make Brockton and Massachusetts a better place to worship, work and live.

Board Members:

Sue Reichenberg

My name is Sue Reichenberg. I am a member of Our Lady of Lourdes Church and have lived in Brockton for 32 years;  I grew up in New York state.  I became involved in BIC in 2006, when Fr. Frank Cloherty asked if I would be interested in coming to a meeting on BIC.  I said yes to that invitation and it has changed my life.   I learned about BIC, what it does and how it impacts and changes leaders and people in the community.  I also learned more about the workings of city and state government and local politics and how one person can effect change.  The best part about BIC for me is the relationships I have built among the member congregations.

John Saville 

My name is John Saville, a 24-year resident of Brockton. I have worshipped at St. Patrick’s church for about 15 years; it was church that opened up my eyes to the needs of others. Doors of volunteerism opened and I became less apathetic. A lot of my fellow parishioners were BIC leaders. I came to a lot of actions, mainly to support them and help with cleaning up. Janine Carreiro and I had a 1:1; her story reinforced my gut feeling that I have endured so that I may give back. I also enjoy the social interaction with people of different backgrounds; this is a big change from my beginnings. My main concerns lie with the younger generation; they are the undisputed innocents. I am done with quitting, if something is right, you feel it.

Frances Gibbs

Frances has been a driving force for BIC for years. She took a lead on the Nehemiah Housing campaign, gathering more signatures than anyone else. Frances spends much her retired time taking care of her son, a paraplegic suffering for over 15 years from a gunshot wound he received walking home from school. She has limited availability, but gives BIC whatever time she can because she understands how important the work is.

John Messia

John has been a parishoner at Our Lady of Lourdes Church for 45 years and been involved with BIC for the past four years. Working with BIC allows John to proudly live out his faith and be passionately involved with community organizing to research key issues and make real change happen. John leads much of our work on public safety/prevention vs. prosecution. He has had this issue hit home with family and has seen the substance abuse empedemic up front with the work he does on a daily basis. John, who owns his own transportation company, lives in Brockton with his wife and two children. 

Comfort Korli

Comfort, an African America single mom, has worked extremely hard to get to a place where she could raise her children comfortably. She now works full time while and goes to school so that she can one day become a nurse. She understands the struggle of parents attempting to raise their children on a minimum wage income and for that reason she has thrown herself fully into this campaign, committing to gathering signatures on over 20 shifts over the next 8 weeks.

Kathy Byner

Kathy, an African American leader, recently joined BIC and then the leadership team. Her daughter, a single mother, found herself spread thin working multiple part time minimum wage positions. She was tired all the time, struggled to support her child, and lost all government support. She eventually quit her other jobs and kept just one position, only part time because that’s all they would offer her. Kathy sees the Raise Up MA campaign as her daughter’s fight. She submitted testimony at the State Hearing and has taken a lead at her congregation.

Jim Souza

Jim has been with Trinity for many years. Disabled himself, Jim understands the struggle to provide for a family on a limited income. He has found other ways to give back to the community, like starting a youth football league that is affordable, but he has always recognized the importance of making systemic change. Jim is excited to lead Trinity’s local organizing ministry moving forward and to identifying new leaders for the congregation.