About BIC

Brockton Interfaith Community (BIC) is a broad-based power organization created in 1990 by area clergy and lay leaders driven to action by the troubles facing the city of Brockton, Massachusetts.

Since 1990 BIC has grown into a regional force for change with 14 institutional members representing over 4,000 families.  BIC has won a seat at the table of power and achieved important victories across a spectrum of issues ranging from home ownership and foreclosure prevention to public safety and diversity in public schools

BIC organizes people at the grassroots level to achieve power for positive change.  Reaching across ethnic, racial, and religious lines, BIC trains its diverse members to improve their community by building relationships, identifying common concerns, finding solutions, and taking action for the public good

BIC is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of lay leaders from member congregations and institutions and employs two full-time organizers.  With the board’s leadership and with training from the BIC organizers, ordinary people build powerful relationships, share their anger, and take courageous action -- researching solutions, holding themselves and their public officials accountable and organizing for change.

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