About BIC

History and Key Achievements


  • BIC supported the opening of a new community health center.
  • BIC worked to reopen Cosgrove Pool
  • BIC was able to get abandoned buildings that covered Fr. Kenney Way, where there was high drug trafficking and prostitution, torn down.
  • Community policing was brought to Main Street near St. Patrick's church. This led to the closing of a drug/prostitution house across the street which was demolished and replaced with the Senior Center.
  • BIC engaged in a statewide funding campaign that brought annual grant money to Brockton for police officers.


  • BIC negotiated agreemtns with 3 banks to establish Soft Second Affordable Mortage Program for first time homeowners in Brockton.


  • BIC organized at the state and local level to establish free after school programs.
  • BIC formed a partnership with local trade unions to provide apprenticeship programs for Brockton workers.


  • BIC was instrumental in the Brockton Housing Partnership for the renovation of abandoned buildings.
  • Nehemiah Phase I: 8 affordable homes for hardworking families were built.sy-BRCK_FIRSTHOME_209_JK.JPG
  • BIC organized a city campaign to sign up families earning less than $40,000 a year for MassHealth Insurance.
  • BIC worked with a local drugstore to be able to offer discounted prescription drugs.
  • BIC trained 100 leaders in relational organizing and building power through 1:1 individual meetings.
  • BIC improved wages and training opportunities at five local nursing homes by outreach and negotations with nursing home owners to participate in the ECCLI program.
  • Organized to get city officials to expanding funding for ESOL classes, reducing the waiting line in Brockton by 33%. These classes are still called BIC classes.
  • Initiated a proposal that gives immigrants with health care experience a chance to either return to the health care field or advance to a higher paying position. This led to a $490,000 grant for this program. BIC recruited almost all the training participants from its own membership and the community.


  • Organized for the passing, saving, and increasing of the Shannon Grant, an anti-gang and violence grant. Brockton directly benefited by receiving $680,000 in funding to use for youth crime prevention and police overtime.
  • Participated in National Immigration Reform matches in Washington, DC.
  • Helped install an after school program at East Junior High.
  • Brought police details to Legion Parkway, near Messiah Baptist Church, to deal with the troubled area.
  • Organized DPH grant, initially $150,000, now $200,000, that was given to the YMCA for the youth violence prevention program.
  • Joined Mayor's Foreclosure Task Force to work on possible solutions to the foreclosure crisis.
  • Brought "Know your Rights" and "Immigration Law" awareness seminars to Brockton.


  • Helped pass CORI reform bill.
  • Passed 3 Home Rule Petitions addressing foreclosure and helped pass the statewide Foreclosure Bill to protect homeowners and tenants.
  • Attended a meeting with Chairman of the Federal Reserve, Ben Bernanke.
  • BIC co-hosted, with the Federal Reserve and the Office of Consumer Affairs, and chaired two lender and BIC ally meetings to addres the slow progress of loan modification. This meeting created changes in the HAMP (Home Affordable Modification Program) program: lenders are no longer allowed to move forward with a foreclosure when someone is in the process of recevieing or being reviewed for a HAMP modification.
  • Supported and saw through Congressman Frank's $1 billion dollar loan program to unemployed homeowners.